In this article I am going to explain you the way, I  make money from Spotify Playlist.

Nowadays, there are “platforms” who have Spotify Curator database, the objective is to enter those platforms or agencies so they send us songs from less known artists and we write a review about them, then we could add them if you consider the song fits in or not, nevertheless we still get paid as we have written the review.

So, I am going to tell you in which platforms you have to register in order to earn money with Spotify Playlists. So it begins!!!!

[Updated 04/12/2019]

Platforms to make money with your Spotify playlists🤑

In every platform there are a basic minimum requirements, we must meet them so we can collaborate with them and start earning money with Spotify. In case you don’t meet them, don’t worry, I also explain my strategies to reach that point in other articles of this blog.

The best strategy is to register in all those platforms, make a ton of reviews and add lots of songs in our playlists that we think they match with our style. Moreover, is rewarded to be constant, the more reviews you write the better you will get paid, the same for the songs.


First of all, here I expose you the requirements you need to work with this platform:

  1. Followers: a minimum of 400 REAL followers.
  2. Generate at least 30 new listeners a month.
  3. Having a 1% of your followers still listening to your playlist.

Do you meet those requirements? Perfect. Here is the link so you can register 👇 and start making money right now.

Sign up on PlaylistPush

Now you might have some doubts, Do I meet the requirements? I don’t really know if that 1% is actually listening to me or if I generate 20 new listeners. Stay calm, after registering in PlaylistPush the platform will tell you directly if yor playlists is valid or not.

How it works

  1. Every day they will send you songs, you then have a period of 14 days to write a review. You have to write them in English, of course.
  2. You must say whether you like it or not. If its yes, then you have to add it; if not then you have to explain why are you dumping it. (Maybe because it doesn’t fit with the style).
  3. You have the option to add the song to the playlist you prefer. If you put in the song to the playlist you will get a reward within internal points, the more you have, the more money they pay you.
  4. They pay through bank transfer.

So, do you wanna start making money with Spotify Playlist in PlaylistPush?

Sign up on PlaylistPush

Are you an artist? Learn how to start a campaign in this platform Playlistpush. 👈


This are the requirements needed for this platform:

  1. Followers: 1000 REAL

Do you have this only requirement? Well done, then you can register in Submithub without problem. Here I give you the link so you can register as fast as possible. 👇.

Sign Up Submithub

This platform is a little different from the others, basically, I use it as a place to meet artists and concordat collaborations with them. If I add their songs into my Playlist and write a review about it, they’ll advertise my playlist in their social media so I can gain more followers.

How it works:

  1. You’ll always see songs depending on the genre of your playlist, at the same moment you could open a song and listen to it in the case you want to add it.
  2. You must listen to 20 seconds of the song. Then we have two options: not putting it in the playlist, and you have to justify it with at least 10 words; or adding it, in this case a chat will open with the artist and here I strongly recommend you to ask for that promoting in their social media. It doesn´t matter what option you choose, you will get paid.
  3. There are two types of “credits”, free and premium. In the “free” songs you won’t get paid but you’ll get the chance to talk to the artist and, in exchange of adding it to your playlist getting that promotion in their social media, you also don’t have to write a review if you decide to not include it in your playlist. In the other hand, with the “premium” songs you must write a review if you decide to not include it in your playlist.
  4. They pay you through Paypal.

Are you ready to win more money and promoting your playlist?

Sign Up Submithub


As I have done before, first I tell you the requirements needed to make money with yout playlist in this platform.

  1. Followers: 1000
  2. At least 200 listeners.

Do you meet them? Congratulations, if you want to enter in this one you have to send me an email so I can introduce you to some people.

Email me:

This a company that works with “high level” artists, so that’s why the requirements are higher.

How does it work:

  1. They have a Spotify playlist where they are putting in songs daily.
  2. They will create a page for you where you’ll have to fulfil your “data” about the songs in the playlist that I have mentioned you before.
  3. Classify the song between 1 and 10.
  4. Write a review in Spanish or english, as you like.
  5. Adding it or not to your playlist. (If you add it, the artist will advertise your playlist in his social media).
  6. They pay through Paypal.

Wanna start making money with Spotify playlists in DailyPlaylister?

Email me:

Playlister premium

If you have more than 30.000 followers, contact me. I will get you in contact with some important discographies so you can negotiate directly with them.

As I discover more platforms, I will get them added to this article so you can earn more money with Spotify playlist.

Tips to earn money with Spotify playlists 💹

As I have told you before, what I would do without hesitation is to register in all these platforms. Remember that being constant is highly rewarded, the more you are, the better both economical and personal benefits (Once an artist sent me merchandising for adding his song to may playlist).

Put in the songs you like and don’t overdo the review.

Are these platforms trustworthy for winning money with Spotify playlists?💭

From my experience, I have been collaborating with the three platforms and I have never had a single problem. Moreover, any question I had they have answered to me pretty quickly, especially with the payments.

➡️ How much money could you end up earning with Spotify playlists?

This question is being made by a lot of people and I always say the same, you cannot live from this, even though it is a way to have “passive income”. You can complement it with your work, an “EXTRA” is welcomed by everyone with no matter of the quantity.  Nevertheless, ahead I will show you what I have already generated.

Spotify Playlist community 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

As a prize for making it all the way to the end of the article I want to propose you something. Do you want to know in real time when I discover a new platform or even better, that I send you the artist because your playlist may be of his interest when they get in contact with me? If that is what you want the only thing you have to do is to send me an email to with your name, your Spotify’s playlist Url, your phone number (In case I make a group of Whatsapp where I debate interesting topics), followers and your playlist genre.

Do you want to learn more about this playlister world? In my instagram @miguelrms103 I post stuff that I don’t have in the blog, I encourage you to take look so you can get to know my techniques to boost my income and if you have any doubt write it in the comments.

What do you think about the article? Have you registered in the platforms yet? Please, let me know in the commentaries, also, if you know any other platform for playlisters let me know so I can introduce it in this article.

May this be interesting for you?