PlaylistPush is a platform created for unknown or little known artists that have an online presence on Spotify and they want for their music to reach more people, for that, they send their songs to this platform, to be resend to many plalisters, with many followers. They will listen to them, write their reviews and have the chance to add them to their playlist, giving you therefore access to the public and letting thousands of users of Spotify know you.


Playlistpush Code: 9AG6F96

Wait a minute, are you telling me that with this platform if I am an artist I can promote my Spotify songs and having them be listened to? 🤔 That´s right, this is a key tool for artists.

If you don’t want to wait anymore, I leave here the link PLAYLISTPUSH 👈, it’s in English. (Just for reaching this level, I want to offer you a free 7,5% discount on your first campaign. –

Playlistpush Promocode: 9AG6F9S 

How do I log in on PlaylistPush? 🤔

These are the steps to take:

  • Click on the icon “I release music”, as shown in the picture below.
  • It will take you to an artist page, where you should click on“Set Up a Campaign
  • Now you must fill all the blanks:
      • Name
      • E-mail
      • Telephone number (Don’t worry, they won’t call you)
      • Song on digital format- (the one you want to promote)
      • Link to that song on Spotify
      • The name of the song.
      • Your artist name
      • Where you reside.
      • Ammount you are willing to spend.Playlistpush sign up

You will have to wait as much as 24 hours to be contacted, via email, to see if your song is good enough to be sent to playlisters (not every song is accepted)

How does playlist push work? 

  1. Once you have been accepted, you will have to choose five artists to which your style is similar, this is crucial, because in order to send your songs to the right playlist, they need to know how your songs are defined, and who better to do it than yourself. Playlists are categorized by genre, so you need to choose those genres that better represent your songs. (The more genres you choose, the more expensive the campaign will be, but the more playlist that will have your song) .Playlistpush Campaign
  2. When the artists have been chosen, the genres will appear. (If you believe that one of those do not represent your style click on the icon🚫 to exclude it from the campaign). When you are done click on “save and continue”.  (If on the contrary, you don’t identify with any artist you can choose the genres in a manual way.)Playlistpush log in

How Much Does Playlist Push Cost? 💸

Once you have elected the genres appliable to you, you will be offered the different packages for you to choose the most convenient one.

On this stage, you can either keep it or change the date of the campaign, add or remove music genres previously selected, as more price options.

The price ranges from 150$ – 1000$ it might be more depending on the ammount of curators for each of those genres, average price tends to be 450$.

To give you a reward for your patience and perseverance, I am going to offer you a 7,5% discount on your first campaign with this code:

Code: 9AG6F9S

How to get Playlist push Promo code?

Code: 9AG6F9S

If you want to get a playlist push Discount code, you can copy this code  9AG6F9S and  enjoy a 7,5% Off on your first campaign.

You might be thinking, is it worth it? If you have made a good record of which are proud of, I can assure you that for all the benefits it will generate it’s pretty cheap, as long as the song is worth it and people like it. You need to trust your instinct as an artist.

playlistpush pricing

Once you have chosen your package, you will then pay through a credit card or paypal account.

Always remember that you have a free discount code that you will be able to apply, but is a secret 🤫.

Code: 9AG6F9S

Do you want to begin the process now? Here is the link  PLAYLISTPUSH

How long will the campaign be active?

Surely, after reading all of this, this is the question that you would be asking yourself. Playlistpush´s campaign is active for two weeks, in which your song or songs will be send to all the playlisters or curators enlisted on the platform, they will then review them adding them on their playlist or not.

Playlistpush’s reviews, how are they? 📝

There are all kinds of reviews, they are mostly written in English, so if you don’t understand some of them…. there is always Google Translator! lol.

Coming back to the question, in this platform there are all kinds of profiles, what I mean is, you will mostly find positive comments about the song and constructive critics, they will most likely add your song to their playlist, but there are also, altough in less quantity absurd comments from overcritic people who would not have liked your song and therefore not add it to their playlist.

Playlisters have three options to choose from once they receive your song, they can either “add it to their list”, or not doing so by choosing one of the other two: “I didn’t like it” or “it is not my playlist’s style”. That is why it is really important to choose correctly the record’s genre.

How long will my songs remain in the curator’s playlist?

It depends on the playlister, there are some who add them for a couple of days, others for several weeks and some for various months. Playlistpush has incentives for playlisters to keep songs for extended periods. Nevertheless a few days in a playlist with few songs and a good number of followers will give you more listeners than a long playlist with not so recurring listeners.

How to get a Campaign results?

When your two weeks of campaign have run it’s course, in your dashboard menu it will appear the overall results of the campaign, where beside the reviews from curators, you will see the effect of your campaign with different very important KPIs.

playlist push review

Does Playlistpush work?

Now, you tell me! As I’ve mentioned before, if I had a great song, undoubtedly and with all certainty, I would set a campaign with playlistpush, firstly because it is a tool that allows my song to reach an incredible number of users all across the world, giving me a chance to be recognised as an artist and achieve my dream.

Here are some concrete examples of success in this platform:

  • The Indie Rock band: Hotel Apache, spent around 350$ and they were added to 15 playlists, this generated for the band 4,000 new followers and 44,000 new monthly listeners.
  • Lael (electro-pop artist) with a Budget of 750$, in two weeks was added to 25 playlists, which resulted in him being on the first position of Spotify, being added to many of Spotify´s playlists as a result of such success. His records were listen to more than 220,000 times in those two weeks of campaign. The biggest price, was that many record labels offered him deals.

What are you still doing, waiting around?? Use Playlistpush to give your artist career a push, with PLAYLISTPUSH 👈 and don’t forget about the discount code

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