Do you like listening to music? What if I told you that in this webpage you are going to find some fine Spotify playlists?

I compile the best Spotify’s playlists so depending on your likes, you listen to the ones you want to. And if you happen to think of a must have song let me know on the comment section. Choose yours and start enjoying the music.

The best 2020 Spotify’s playlists you should listen to:

Best Party Music

💃Best Party Songs🎉 👈 

This playlist is the best choice for bars, pubs and nightclubs. Here you can find current market issues and it updates every 2 days. The type of music you will find here is reggaeton and commercial pop songs style. If you want an updated playlist this is the one you are looking for.

Lifelong Party Music

Lifelong Party Music👈

Are you looking for lifelong songs? This playlist has old legends from the 2000s, those songs you danced when you were younger. Are you prepared for a remember? I bet you know by heart all this playlist’s songs. Remember them know and if you like them don’t forget to follow.

Beatbox Spotify

🗣🎤Beatbox Spotify’s music 2020

Are you looking for a playlist focused only on beatbox? In this playlist you will find a good bunch of only beatbox songs, were you can find: Hip-hop Beatbox, Rap Beatbox, acapella with beatbox, etc. If you like the genre take a look.

Saxophone house

🎷Saxophone House Music 2020

Do you wanna listen to one of the best Spotify’s playlists whit songs where they only play the saxophone? In this playlist you will find songs from the saxo house genre, it is a perfect choice for that moments when the only thing you want to do is relax and listen to some music.

Best Kpop

🐼 Best Kpop Music 2020

This playlist stands out because it only has Kpop songs. Wait, you don’t know what Kpop is? Just come in and discover it by yourself.

A capella Spotify

👨‍🎤🎙️ Best Acapella playlist 2020

Do you like acapella music? In this post you will find the best acapella playlist so you can enjoy all those famous songs sang this way. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

Best Sad Songs

💔 Best Sad Songs 2020

The best Spotify playlist just after a breakup, for that low moments when all you need is some good music. Here you will find the best sad songs ever in Spotify.

Mashup song

🎧 Best Mashups 2020

Do you think there is something missing in all those songs? Could it be the house? Here I bring you the best Spotify playlist with a compilation of all the mashups from 2020. Take a look and tell what you think.

Best Rap songs 2020

🎤 Best Rap songs 2020

Do you like Rap? Do you want to be updated with anything new about this genre? If the response is yes, I don’t know why are you waiting for the best playlist on Spotify.

Modern Rock

🤘 Best Alternative Rock Songs

It was time for me to put something little different. That is why here I have for you the best alternative rock music playlist, if you really like the genre for sure you will be amazed 👿.

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The best Spotify’s playlist 2020

This webpage was conceived with the only purpose of compilating the best Spotify’s playlists. That is the reason why every playlist has its own comments section so everyone can give their opinion and help me create better playlists.

In addition, this playlists are being updated every single week depending on new songs people show me, or that I discover on my own and I find cool, I do not add nothing without a reason.

Do you have a Spotify playlists that should be there? Let me know in the comment section of the different playlists.

Top Spotify’s playlists

Until know you can find different Top lists of Spotify’s playlist, all of them about different topics, I am working everyday to offer you the best playlists I can in this webpage. Right now you can find this genres:

  • Do you like party music with reggaeton?
  • Are you more into lifelong music?
  • Do you prefer beatbox?
  • Maybe acapella music?
  • Might you be interested in the world of sax house?