The fact that you are reading this post reveals that you are interested in becoming a Spotify Curator.

Wait a second, could I become an influencer in Spotify even though it is very difficult? In fact, it is not as complicated as it may seem. In this article I am going to tell you how to be a Spotify Curator, another one is focused on the requirements needed to start making money with your Spotify’s playlist, I will also teach you in some other articles how to gain more followers, how to improve your playlist so they choose you, how to gain listeners and how to make your playlist profitable.

Before we get started let me warn you, this is not going to make you millionaire and you won’t be able to live off it, this income is complementary to your wage.

The sooner you start, the faster you will get into this market niche. Then I will stop gabbling and let’s get into it.

What is a Spotify Curator?

First, we have to give a definition for “Spotify Curators”. It is a person who makes money with Spotify making playlists, they are Spotify’s influencers. Yes, another type of influencer. This is thanks to the number of followers and listeners you have in your playlists, these are very important for unknown artists to make easier their way to the top. It is a way to increase the popularity of unfamiliar songs and make those artists popular.

If you take a look on some Spotify’s playlists, there is a lot of people who write their email in the description, and know I am going to tell you why.

How to contact a Spotify Curator?

There are many ways to do so, the most popular one is using their own email so the artists can directly contact them.

That is why I recommend you three things:

  1. Link your Facebook account to your Spotify’s one.
  2. Put your email in the description.
  3. Make yourselves a LinkedIn account and say that you are a “Spotify Curator”.

 This way you are making it easier to the artist to get in contact with you. Once it has already happened, I recommend you that if you have less than 5000 followers try to make a “WIN TO WIN” strategy and do not ask for money. You should aim to make an exchange, you put their song in your playlist while they announce your playlist in their social media, this way you will get even faster more followers so you can increase your profit.

This is why I recommend you investigate the Instagram of the artist is getting in contact with you, to study the viability of the deal.

Okey then but, can I make money with Spotify?

Does a Spotify Curator wins money?

The one million worth question, and I can confirm you that is a YES, moreover I am making money with this playlist (Música de fiesta) if you want to give it a try, I update it almost every day and also it may be useful as a reference, nevertheless I will write more articles to explain this in depth.

First thing I am going to tell you are the requirements to be a curator:

  1. Having more than 400 followers in your Playlist (Only 400? Yes but the actual hard part is to get there from the very start).
  2. Having more than 1% of listeners (Followers are nothing if no one listens to you).
  3. Generate 30 followers/listeners every week (This is the hardest one, but don’t worry because I will write about it in next articles).

Don’t worry, if you don’t fulfil the requirements my objective and the reason of this blog’s articles is to help you start making money with your playlists.

How does a Spotify Curator make money?

The second thing I am going to talk you about are the ways too start making money. There are 2:

  1. The Spotify Curators who asks for money for adding a song to their playlist (Not something you could do if you don’t have too much followers).
  2. The ones who work for a platform where artists go to boost their songs, the platform send the playlisters the songs and the have to write a comment and add it (or not) to their playlist. Learn what agencies you can use to make money with Spotify.

Join our Spotify Curator Database Community

Are you interested in being part of this community? Send me an email to, where you write your name, Spotify’s url, telephone number (to join a Whatsapp group), followers you have on that playlist and the your genre. This way, if an artist comes to me and it is related to your genre, I could make you get in contact with him.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and get motivated to start making some money with your playlists.

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